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District Philosophy

The academically gifted are a unique population differing greatly from their age group in abilities, talents, interests, and psychological maturity.  The gifted need to work with content and ideas appropriate for them but beyond most of their age peers.  Gifted students need and thrive in an educational program which will increase their involvement and interest in learning.

Program Purpose

Cougar Valley Elementary is committed to offering a variety of options to gifted students.  Cougar Valley recognizes that curriculum for gifted students must be differentiated by faster pace, greater complexity and earlier introduction of knowledge and skills.  We also recognize the need for gifted students to explore interests in depth and spend time with intellectual peers.



Gifted Mentors

  Karen Rommen  662-8409

Cheryl Junt 662-8442

District Coordinator: Claudia Rengstorf  662-1738




Students identified as gifted at a specific grade level are clustered together whenever possible.  Cluster teachers are offered opportunities for education and trained in gifted education.


Classroom teachers develop a plan to modify and extend the classroom curriculum to fit the individual needs of each student. 

~ HCSPs are developed carefully based on each students talents and interests.

~ HCSPs show how curriculum will be adjusted and enriched using the options at Cougar Valley.

~ HCSPs are working documents and are adjusted as needed throughout the school year.

~ HCSPs are shared with parents during fall conferences and placed in the students cumulative record.

~ HCSPs are carefully aligned with the Washington state Grade Level Expectations.

~ SLPs follow students from year to year.



Teachers employ many methods to differentiate the instruction for gifted learners within the classroom to target each students individual needs.

 Curriculum Compacting 

 Flexible Grouping

 Leveling within the grade


 Independent Study

 Tiered Lessons

 Small group instruction

 Learning Centers

 Literature Circles



~ Math Enrichment

~ Word Masters

~ Young Writer's Workshop

~  Choir, Band, Orchestra

~ Chess Club



Summer Programs

Parent Information 


Math Olympiad (Grades 4-6) Math Quest (Grade 3) Into the Unknown (Grade 2) Math Problem Solver (Grade 1)  These quantitative opportunities are offered to students by teacher recommendation as well as the indicator of Quantitative giftedness and achievement.  Math Olympiad  ( provides an opportunity for students to meet in small teams to prepare for monthly national competition.  Math Quest is a simulation activity that teaches teamwork and problem solving strategies. Into the Unknown is an interactive unit that incorporates activities promoting Algebraic thinking and reasoning.  Math Problem Solver is challenging for primary students as it teaches and reinforces preliminary problem solving strategies needed for advanced Math opportunities.

Word Masters Challenge (Grade 4-6)  This program is a fun and mind-stretching classroom competition.  It encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.  This is our second year offering this to teachers to use with all students in the classroom.


Destination ImagiNation  DI is an opportunity for ALL children to practice creative problem solving in a team atmosphere where everyone wins.  The children are in charge!  This is an excellent extension opportunity for our verbal and non-verbal identified students.  A BIG THANKS to all the parent volunteers that have stepped up to provide this for our students. 

Chorus and Band  These musical opportunities can bring a gifted child enjoyable outlets for creative expression.  See Mrs. Giddings,  Mr. Demmert, Mrs. Gowers for details.

PE  Physical education is another area that Cougar Valley offers outside the box opportunities.  Before school PE has started M,W,TH The skills available include juggling, unicycling and personal fitness. 

Chess Club  This new opportunity is underway under the direction of our fabulous USS Nebraska volunteer Joseph Corona.  Currently students in grade 5 and 6 are competing twice a week during their lunch recess.  We hope to open up this opportunity to grades 3 and 4 soon.  Once a month there will be a chess tournament held after school.  Our first tournament will be held in January.


Summer Programs

Western Washington University Program for Arts and Sciences

Eastern Washington University Satori Program

University of Washington Summer Stretch and Summer Challenge Program

University of Oregon Summer Enrichment Program


Parent Education

EdGate Special and Gifted Education Center

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

National Association for Gifted Children 

SENG- Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

AAGC - American Association for Gifted Children

OSPI - Highly Capable policy and information